The South African Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Stakeholder engagement workshop in Pretoria: November 2019

The Coucil for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) is home to the South African Fourth Industrial Revolution Centre (SA-C4IR), the first World Economic Forum’s (WEF) affiliate Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (C4IR) Network in Africa. South Africa joins other countries such as China, India and Japan, which also host centres such as this one.

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Agile Policy Development

We’re co-developing and piloting governance and policy frameworks to keep up with the pace of technology evolution.

National and Global Cooperation for Impact

The Centre draws on private sector, government, academia and civil society to co-design technology governance frameworks.

Brochure: Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

The Forum’s Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution is a newly established focal point within the international community for multistakeholder dialogue and concrete cooperation on governance challenges and opportunities presented by
advanced technologies. Read more here.

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Addressing challenges in South Africa and the Region

We address technology areas relvant to South Africa and our neighbors, that address our societal and economic needs.